The exhibition “Biological diversity in the beech forest” brings together the diversity of life offered by the forest: 17 theme stations on the diversity of genes, species, and habitats refer to this type of forest. Like in a forest workshop, old and young researchers can go and search, discover, listen, and play, and take a close look at mammals, micro-organisms, fungi, or levels of the forest.


The room “biological invasion” offers another nine theme stations on the continuous change of wildlife and vegetation. Species spread, conquer new areas, and can displace other species in the process. Every species tends to increase its population and to develop new habitats. And humankind has always interfered in this process.


Core services

  • implementation planning of the interactive exhibits and furniture

  • manufacturing exhibits and furniture

  • developing and producing the interactive elements

  • integrating the media technology

  • programming applications



Foundation “Hessischer Jägerhof”, Kranichstein Hunting Lodge
in co-operation with the agency exposition