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Interactive trade fair stand at the Exponatec Cologne


From 16th to 18th November, the Exponatec Cologne, the international trade fair for museums, conservation and heritage, was held in Cologne. This year, ExpoTec was represented with a trade fair stand in a new look. Together with its co-operation partner of many years, bluelemon, and with the audio-visual design by Lekkerwerken, the competences in developing and implementing unusual exhibits was shown with the help of several interactive stations.




Interactive trade fair wall with manoeuvrable monitor

The visitors to the trade fair stand were able to explore selected reference projects as well as information on the range of services offered by ExpoTec on an interactive trade fair wall. Some areas on the large printed surface of the wall were visually accentuated. Across these, a monitor could be freely moved along two axes. Within the monitor the wall could be “scanned” for various hotspots, which opened on being hit and revealed their content. A matching soundscape supported the overall effect of this interactive station.






Experiment with transparent monitor

Apart from the multi-functional presentation tables with different “hands-on” examples for interactive exhibits which had already been successfully used in the past, a prototype of a transparent monitor was experimentally presented at the trade fair stand:

The monitor was darkened by graphics and first had to be “wiped clear” by the visitors to allow them to see the display case with an exhibition of sample products installed behind it. Via the surface of the monitor various pieces of information on the exhibited products could be called up using a touch feature. The information texts then opened as a level above and beside the products in the display case.




Further impressions during the trade fair: