What you can
expect from us

No matter whether we design individual thematic displays or execute a complex exhibition concept: we always follow our proven 6-step concept combining high technical competence with a lot of creativity and experience – from the planning stage up to the concrete implementation of the project.

01 Task

  • customer briefing, specifications regarding content and design

  • definition of intended purpose, use, target groups

  • check-up of budget specifications

  • schedule assessment

02 Concept development

  • innovative implementation ideas

  • design development

  • technical approach

  • cost assessment

  • scheduling

03 Design planning

  • design outline / design proposals

  • creation of the storyboard

  • check-up of functionality

  • implementation planning

  • integration design; form, function, technology, architecture

04 Construction and production planning

  • project planning and management

  • electronics and software development

  • construction and implementation planning, mainly in 3D

  • creating animations

  • prototype construction

  • provision of samples

05 Manufacture / Assembly

  • manufacture of models and exhibits

  • metal construction, welded structures

  • mechanics, manufacture of turned and milled parts

  • furniture construction

  • model making

  • paintwork, coating and surface finishing

  • graphics production

  • electrical installations

  • media technology assembly and integration

  • complete assembly and testing

06 Delivery / Installation

  • international installation and de-installation logistics

  • assembly and start-up

  • customer support

  • staff training

  • maintenance service